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May 5, 2021

In May 2021, ALR National Resolution #5 was passed.  There are several key segments that may/may not affect different ALR Chapters (some Chapters already abide by these principles outlined in the Resolution #5).

One key note is that the ALR Chapter leader positions are now referred to as Chairman/Vice Chairman or Director/Assistant Director. 

The old President/Vice-President titles/patches will need to be changed to one of the new position titles (President/VP flashes can be turned upside down under the new designation).


1.  All members of the ALR shall be current members of The American Legion, Sons of The American Legion or American Legion Auxiliary.

2. Each ALR member shall establish and maintain ALR membership by owning, individually or through marriage, a common-law marriage, a life partnership or a longterm relationship, a motorcycle licensed and insured as required by the ALR member’s state laws.

3. ALR programs may allow for continued ALR membership for those ALR members who have given up motorcycle ownership because of age, illness, injury or other reasons outside the ALR member’s control.

4. ALR programs may allow current members of The American Legion family to join ALR chapters as supporting members.

5. The only approved titles for ALR officers shall be chairman and vice-chairman or director and assistant director.

6. All ALR members shall maintain the image of The American Legion, protect The American Legion’s Emblems, which symbolizes the integrity and principles of The American Legion and if wearing Emblem items then the Emblem items will be American Legion authorized Emblems.

7. ALR members’ vests should display the integrity, principles and values of The American Legion and the ALR by avoiding patches or pins with (1) explicit or offensive language and/or images and (2) political or partisan language and/or images since The American Legion is a non-partisan organization.

8. The ALR chapter should strive to represent the virtues, values, ethics and morals of The American Legion in support of freedom, democracy and the safety of our citizens.

9. Per NEC Resolution No. 37, May 4-5, 1988 ALR chapters do not have the authority to enter into any formal association or club/council membership with any outside organization that may act or vote in any manner outside the control of The American Legion.

10. All ALR members shall obey the laws of their respective state and/or the state(s) in which they ride.

11. The ALR chapter’s sponsoring organization (post, district and/or department) are strongly urged to review liability insurance coverage to ensure that adequate insurance coverage is available to insure/cover the sponsoring organization, including insurance coverage for any specific special riding event

August 8, 2021

Texas ALR State Advisor Mark Meysembourg is working to improve communication flow up and down throughout the state's ALR levels (State, Division, District, and Chapters).  This is not a "unionizing"effort, it is a "unity effort" to get all American Legion Riders working together for information flow, supporting each others events, and getting visibility out to the community as to what activities Chapters have going and where.

TEXASALR.ORG website is now 100% live. 

It includes information such as:

1) Leadership of all levels in ALR

2) Links to needed sites

3) News Page

4) Events page (each district will appt an events manager who can upload events for each district's ALRs)

5) Chapters throughout the state with links to their webpages and contact info

6) ALR Forms, guidance policies, and community service hours tracker.

Often, information at the bottom or the top is slow to make their way up or down.  Mark is working to fix this to expedite information flow.  Another concern was the lack of visibility of the ALR's at the higher levels.  By improving this communication channel, ALR Directors/Chairmen will be able to forward their reports to their Post Commander (as usual) and courtesy copy the District Liaison, Division Liaison and State Advisor so that all levels of leadership see the efforts of the ALR Program.  Each year, the State Advisor is to provide a report at the State level, so this communication improvement is a must have.

Texas American Legion Riders Annual Rally Events

August 12, 2021

2022 TX ALR Rally will be held in Mansfield and hosted by post 624 (Mansfield Texas) - see EVENTS Page for details

2023 TX ALR Rally will be hosted held in El Paso - information will be provided once details have been worked out.

ALR Directors, Secretaries, PR Officers

August 15, 2021

You now have the ability to upload your Chapter's Events to this Texas ALR Website via the WIX Dashboard or WIX app on your phone or tablet.  

Ensure that you go to the Chapters page of this site and submit the needed updated information for your Chapter and the webmaster will add your info to the website, Texas ALR Master Spreadsheet the leaders use to communicate with each other, and add you to the dashboard/events manager utility to upload your upcoming events. 

At the bottom of this website homepage is the email address for the webmaster to add other people you wish to help upload your events (will be completed once updated Chapter info is provided)


January 2022

The Texas ALR Website is now live and linked to the Texas American Legion page (TXLEGION.ORG).  This will help veterans and communities throughout Texas to find the page and chapters when wanting to support or request assistance of the American Legion Riders, as well as helping potential new riders expedite joining a chapter rather than going thru National's site only to be referred back to the state/chapter levels.

Tax Exemption for Retired Military that are 100% VA disabled/rated

February 2022

Attached (use cover letter button) is the cover letter for retired military who are also 100% VA disabled rated to request their retirement be tax exempt.

DFAS Website:

The packet will need to be sent to DFAS. Mail your completed packet certified mail to the address listed on the attach memo. Do not change anything on the memo. Include a copy of your disability letter from the VA, your DD214, page 18 from the IRS Publication525, and a completed IRS Form W-4.

On your W-4 for Step 1 you only have to complete sections A and B. Then skip down to Step 4 below section C and write Exempt on the line that's it. Then sign and date the W-4 on the designated line. It takes about four plus months for DFAS to process and complete the packet, before you receive notification that it was approved. If you have any questions give me a call.

For 100% Rating ONLY

Links to the IRS Forms:

2022 Texas ALR Rally

February 2022

The Texas ALR Rally will be held in Mansfield Texas in June - a Facebook page has been created for this and can be accessed clicking the button below.


Active Events throughout the state are on the Events Page

Meeting Agendas and Minutes are at the bottom of this page

NEWS / MEETINGS: News & Updates

Fall DEC Meeting Agenda

September 20, 2021

This is just a reminder of our State ALR Meeting this Saturday afternoon at 5pm Meeting will be held in the Oaks Room Omni South Park South Austin. Also, the meeting location is under Events. Please not the only authorized headwear at the meeting is the Legion Cap - ball caps, berets or others head gear are not appropriate at a State meeting. Thank You. Hope to see you there.

Mark Meysembourg

Texas ALR State Advisor

See attached file for the Fall DEC Meeting Agenda

2022 Mid-Winter ALR Meeting - Austin

January 18, 2022

The Texas ALR Mid-Winter meeting will be held on January 22nd in Austin promptly at 1700.

Austin South Park Hotel (Oaks Room)

4140 Governors Row

Austin Texas 78744

Meeting Agenda's and Minutes



This is where you will find the Agenda for the upcoming ALR MEETINGS 
(button will only be active when updated Agenda is ready for the next meeting)


Sept 20201 - Fall DEC Meeting Minutes will be posted once the meeting has concluded and minutes compiled for publication


This is the Sept 2021 Americanism Report submitted by TX ALR State Advisor


These are the minutes from the July Meeting

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